Internal Project Meeting - Aug 20-21, 2019

On Aug 20-21, 2019, a meeting of the FISMEP project was held in Cluj - Energobit headquarters. We have analyzed the difficulties in the development of the project, the solutions for unblocking and continuation of the project, and goals for year 2019. We discussed about the preparation for the project meeting in Auchen, on 17-th of September, 2019


  • Stefan Gheorghe (Energobit)
  • Mihaela Albu (UPB)
  • Lucian Calugar (Energobit)
  • Mihai Sarb (Energobit)
  • Stelian Bugnar (Energobit)
  • Istenes Antonia (Energobit)
  • Adrian Olaru (Energobit)
  • Florin Termure (Energobit)
  • Stefan Zvara (Energobit)
  • Kovacs Katalin (Energobit)


  • Goals for year 2019
  • The budget for 2019
  • Finacial situation
  • Preparation for project meeting on September 17, 2019, at Aachen
  • The stage of the project
  • Other problems

We discussed about API specification document, about the protocol to use for saving datas, about the Context Broker location.