The 2nd project meeting with all partners, Gothenburg - Sweden

In Gotheborg, on May 3-4, 2018 took place the project meeting with all partners of the FISMEP project.

Purpose of the meeting:

The purpose of the meeting was to attend to a workshop of the FISMEP project partners.

The Energobit and the UPB team presented a presentation of the implementation stage of the project.



  • Chalmers: Ulrike Rahe, Sara Renström, Sofie Andersson, Andreas Jonasson, David Steen, Ali
  • Fotouhi, Jesper Knutsson
  • RWTH: Antonello Monti, Alberto Adognini, Maliheh Haghgoo, Thomas Storek
  • FEN: Christian Haag, Marina Maicu, Sascha Falkner
  • UPB: Mihaela Albu, Ana Micu
  • EnergoBit: Gheorghe Stefan
  • E.ON: Anna Eriksmo, Pontus Svensson
  • City of Malmö: John Hallbeck
  • JSP: Björn Westling, Claes Somansson
  • HSB: Rikard Malm
  • GE: Ulf Hagman, Erika Antonsson

Conclusions: Proposals for future actions agreed in the meeting.

  • Sascha will collect all relevant or new material related to the FISMEP project in order to distribute it to all participants.
  • The updated Platform Requirements Document including FINESCE / FIWARE components will be submitted to Alberto Monti and Maliheh by the end of May
  • The FINESCE brochure, which includes the developed components, will be distributed to all partners
  • The new FIWARE version will be presented by Antonello Monti - Project Leader at the FIWARE Summit in Porto (8-9 May 2018)
  • The following PMTs were established: o 11th June, 3PM (CEST) o 12th July, 2PM (CEST)
  • It will be decided whether the meeting in Bucharest will take place on 9th of october or on 10th oct. Marina and Antonello will check their own schedule.