Open Smart Energy Eco-System for the Future - November 2-4 2020

Due to the increasing complexity of the global energy system and the amount of data transmitted by smart devices, there is an urgent need to unlock smart technologies and services with investments on the scalability of computational resources. This objective can be achieved by means of a standardized software platform that can support interoperability and behave as the main vehicle for the rapid implementation of innovative energy services.


  • Maliheh Haghgoo [Germany]
  • Alberto Dognini [Germany]
  • Thomas Storek [Germany]
  • Radu Plamanescu [Romania]
  • Ulrike Rahe [Sweden]
  • Stefan Gheorghe [Romania]
  • Mihaela Albu [Romania]
  • Antonello Monti [Germany]
  • Dirk Müller [Germany]